Steps to Implement Linkedin SEO

LinkedIn is the most prominent professional online platform that ranks amongst the top five on Google index. Currently, it crossed 396 million users and is still boosting at an exponential rate.

Thousands of business entrepreneurs, CEOs, business executives, and local audiences are hitting the platform daily. Thus, LinkedIn needs to be optimized more than the regular optimization that we do follow for other platforms to improve ranking.

So, let's drive into the steps to do LinkedIn SEO to get better results and improve your profile ranking.

  1. Search for Relevant Keyword

To initiate SEO for the LinkedIn profile, you need to search for the relevant keyword that matches your profile. You already know that enriching content with specific keywords in your content will help you improve your rank.

Thus, the same, you need to do for your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that the keyword people target must reflect in your job profile. For instance, you are a digital marketing expert; then, your job title must have a digital marketing expert in your profile.

But make sure that the keyword looks natural in your content, not stuffed. Also, make sure that you can use an effective tool like Serpstat for finding the low-density keywords as these are easy to target.

2. Create Backlinks in LinkedIn profile

Backlinks would be great for LinkedIn SEO and boost up your page visibility. Building quality backlinks and targeting your blogs will help you in getting more specific visitors.

You also need to backlink your profile from the guest blogs of other profiles. This is quite easy as compared to others because these blogs have a complete profile of the author, and you can use that to backlink your profile too.

For this, you can do the following things; check out the activity on the blog post, extra views, and allow this to improve your LinkedIn profile visibility too.

3. Publish Content on LinkedIn Platform

One of the most effective strategies for optimization is posting the SEO optimized content on your profile. You can post the content on a specific niche that you have mastered.

To post, you need to sign up for your site and start posting. Similarly, you must use that on other social media platforms.

Additionally, you can repurpose your old content and publish it on your site. However, if you have some excellent posts, then you can post and backlink it simultaneously.

LinkedIn has domain authority, so it quickly ranks your post and shows faster results than any other platform.

So, here you can post some suggestive content on your LinkedIn profile:

  • Articles

  • Blogs

  • Case studies related to your specific niche

  • Research analysis report

  • Pro tips about marketing

  • Impressive videos

4. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

People are attracted to the profile that shows them professionalism on LinkedIn. Make sure that your profile has relevant information about your expertise, historical background, and recommendations.

Before initiating, take your time to complete your profile and post it. It may look like an overwhelming task, but it is important to do SEO optimization.

5. Join Groups and Expand Your Network

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional social media platform where you have the opportunity to target audiences. Thus, one of the best ways to target your audience is by joining groups and expanding your network.

Here, in groups, you can also create some surveys and conversational debate for your audience to engage with you and participate actively. The more groups you join, the more will be your interaction, and more will be the opportunity to build brand awareness.

6. Don't Forget the Hashtag Culture.

LinkedIn is one of the significant platforms where you can target your audience impressively. So, last but not least, you can follow the hashtags culture. The audience easily follows the hashtags on the profile to target the content.

When users follow the hashtags, they automatically reach your target post. Besides that, LinkedIn self-gives you some hashtags suggestions for your post too. You can use them to target your audience and reach them, respectively.


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